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    I have around 2 dozen of these jars that I bought at an auction for next to nothing. All but one of the jars looks just like the ones in the photos from the website and, based on my research, have put them in my mall booth. However, one of them is square and is hand signed 'BROPHY' on the bottom.

    I sent an e-mail through the link on the website with no reply and I don't know where else to look. I was hoping that someone here was/knew a collector of these jars and could tell me something about the square jars.


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    Surprisingly, a 3 month search in Ebay research for Brophy Jar yields no results.

    I can't help beyond that. The signed one may be rare?

    Kind Regards, Kevin

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    Those are very interesting.
    Apparently, he only signed/signs some on request. Probably did those that they gave friends. Couldn't find any mention of a "square" one.

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    I searched in Brophy* jar* (in case it was Brophys and same with jar) and there is one currently up for $2.99, one in a store, and only one completed within the 2 weeks or so eBay allows us now.
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    Nice pottery - very uniform - clear labeling idea. What do they sell for? I checked out the site but the Florida Cracker site doesn' t exist any more.

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